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Basir Pur (Urdu: بصيرپور) is a town of Depalpur Tehsil, in Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan[1].

It is around 90 (km) south west of Lahore, the district headquarters is Okara and Tehsil Head Quarter is Depalpur. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan it had a population of 59,781[2]. The population mainly relies on agriculture as their main source of livelihood although a number of people work in offices and some are businessmen. Syed, Sheikh, Chhachhar Arain, Rajputs, Wattu,Pathan are the main tribes of this area. It is famous for its fertile lands, peaceful natural environment and green fields of potato, wheat, rice, cucumber, sugar and maize crops. Near about eighty villages are linked with the town like Tahar Kalaan, Chorasta Mian Khan, Rukan Pura, Gulsher Gulsher Ruhela and Kalasan Hameed.It is also known for the wide variety of culture reflecting the traditions and customs of the area. Melas (fairs) in the month of 'Saawan' are notable among these traditions where different types of games are played on the drum-beat and shops of sweets and toys etc are decorated. Dairy and fruit products are the identical mark of the area. The nearest towns are Haveli Lakha, Hujrah Shah Muqeem and Mandi Ahmed Abad. Basir Pur was declared as a notified area of Town Committee, later it gained the status of Municipal Committee.

The city is administratively subdivided into two Union Councils:
[1] UC116 and UC117, the Nazims of the Union Councils are Mian Farooq Ali Jorra and Muhammad Bin Qasim Watto respectively.
edit] Health and education
The town has two government health centres and these hospitals provide the
medical facilities to the people living in town, beside this there are more than five private hospitals at various places in the town. The people can get free medical and free medicines from the government hospitals. Regarding education, Basir Pur has produced many excellent students who are serving in the public sector in various fields. The town has two Degree Colleges (one for boys and second for girls). The newly constructed Girls College is at the centre of the town, and has the most beautiful campus in the district. There are more than thirty government schools (for girls & boys) in the Basir Pur area. And over a hundred private schools are also providing education to the people of the area. Many hardworking students go towards big cities like Islamabad and Lahore for education.